Follow up


TC "Leading with P.R.I.D.E."

Vienna, Austria (June 2019)

IMPROAction 3.0 Follow-Up

Session outline as a part of dissemination process for TC "ImproAction 3.0"

Berlin, Germany (July 2019)

TC "Forum of Changes"

Follow Up of TC ''Forum of Changes" by our youth worker Ratka Visnic

Berlin, Germany (December 2019)

TC ''Creating Safer Spaces''

TC ''Creating Safer Spaces'' Follow Up Report by Mateo Papic

Helsinki, Finska (02/03 - 05/03/2020)

YE ''Youth EmployeE+''

Follow Up report by CPDIS

Horezu, Romania (11/11 - 18/11/2019)

YE ''Burnout''

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Burnout"

Kekava, Latvia (September 2019)

TC ''H(E+)LP''

Follow up report by CPDIS

Horezu, Romania (01/11 - 07/11/2019)


Murzasichle, Poland (23/02 - 04/03/2020)


Follow up report by CPDIS

Horezu, Romania (04/01 - 12/01/2020)

TC ''Inclusion''

Follow Up report by ASALT

Horezu, Romania (18/01/ - 25/01/2020)

KA205 TC ''Youth M Power''

Online Follow Up

Murzasichle, Poland (October 2020)

KA205 TC ''Sew the Future. Eco Upcycling''

Fuzine, Croatia (October 2020)