Projects in 2022

TC Direction Intercultural Facilitation – HR education (Murzasichle, Poland), 06.-13.01.2022.

YE Artisitic Interventions in Rupture space (Extremadura, Spain), 29.01.-06.02.2022.

YE ''The Power of Storyteller'' (Corund, Romania), 15.-23.02.2022.

TC ''Support Employment on Post-COVID Europe'' (Velden am Wörthersee, Austria), 27.02.-07.03.2022.

TC Pillars of Empowerment (Slovakia), 01.-10.03.2022.

YE Initiate (Poiana Negrii, Romania), 06.-17.03.2022.

TC ''Youth Work On Citizenship'' (Velden am Wörthersee, Austria), 13.-21.03.2022.

YE ''To See What We See'' (Pakoszd, Hungary) - 16.03.-24.03.2022.

YE ''Open Your Mind'' (Bakuriani, Georgia) - 23.03.-01.04.2022.

TC Draw for your rights (Lisboa, Portugal), 01.-09.04.2022.

YE Play the Notes of Future Competencies (Hungary) 09.-17.04.2022.

YE ''All We Need'' (Istanbul, Turkey), 09.-17.04.2022.

TC GameEdu for Youth Workers (Timisoara, Romania), 28.04.-03.05.2022.

YE Dare to Create (Barcelos, Portugal) 22.-29.06.2022.